Jenny Craig Website Review & Ratings + Jenny Craig Coupons
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Jenny Craig Website Review & Ratings + Jenny Craig Coupons

Jenny Craig: Products & Services

Jenny Craig is one of the world's largest weight loss companies.  Jenny Craig provides an online program and a program where the dieter visits a counselor at a retail location. 

After signing up for membership, a client then chooses his or her weekly calorie allotment with a counselor.  The member then chooses her weekly foods and buys them from Jenny Craig.  The food is generally delivered to the home, but can also be picked up at the Jenny Craig office.  A member also keeps count of their exercise and is able to supplement the foods with some fresh items.  The member continues on the plan until they reach their goal.  At this point, the member's plan is revised to enable them to maintain this level of weight loss.  The company has recently phased in a new program which allows members to also choose to have Jenny's food for five days a week and then eat on their own for two days a week.

Jenny Craig: Company Background

Jenny Craig was started by Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney in Melbourne, Australia.  It started in the United States in 1983 and soon became a very popular diet program.  In 2006, the company was purchased by Nestle as part of their nutrition division.  Today the program is also in New Zealand, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and of course Australia.  Its headquarters are located today in Carlsbad, California.  Sidney Craig died in 2008.  Mr. Craig was also involved in the formation of one of the companies that today is part of the Nutrisystem Diet Program.  Besides dieting, the other passion of the Craigs was horseracing and the couple had frequent entries in the Kentucky Derby.

Jenny Craig: Customer Feedback & Reviews

From (rating 3 out 5)

"I went on the Jenny Craig program in 2001, and lost 55 pounds. I have kept it off since then, using the principles I learned on the program. I also found that, while the food isn't cheap, it is really good."

Pros:The food actually tastes delicious. Convinient and easy.

Cons:Way too expensive!

The Bottom Line: It is a rip off way to loose weight. Extremely expensive.

From  rating 74/100

"I was skeptical at first but once I tried the plan I was hooked.  The food is really good and the weight just falls off.  I have never been on an easier weight loss plan.  I was also concerned about the cost.  Make no mistake this is not an inexpensive investment, however I do believe that it is well worth it."

Pros: Portion-controlled. Great if you don't expect much flavor or hate to cook.

Cons: A little pricey; the food you could buy at the supermarket for less. 

Jenny Craig: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Jenny Craig is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  The BBB has given the company a rating of C+ due to the lack  of closed customer complaints.  Some local Jenny Craigs also have different ratings.  The BBB is concerned about lack of information about the company and unresolved consumer complaints about membership fees.  Jenny Craig is a nationally known company with almost daily commericials and appearances in popular media entities.  A study in 2010 by the Journal American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that Jenny Craig users lost 8-10% of their weight over time as compated to about 2% of those dieting on their own.  Queen Latifah is a recent spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Jenny Craig has been online since 1994 and ranks about 19,900 among the websites of the United States according to Alexa.  The site has about 20,000 visitors a day.  The site has more female viewers than male and is used primarily by ages 25-44.  About 1400 sites link into this website.  Jenny Craig is the third most popular weight loss website after Weight Watchers and NutriSystem. Google's Page Rank lists this site as a 5, a mid-range ranking.

Jenny Craig: Social Media Presence

Jenny Craig is active at several social media pages.  The company's Twitter page is busy every day and has over 10,000 followers.  The Facebook page is also very busy and has about 100,000 folks following the page.  YouTube also carrys a channel for Jenny Craig which features a number of useful videos.  The page has about 700 followers and has had over 1.4 million views.  Jenny Craig also has a monthly blog on their website which can be reached here.  There is also a forum that is open to members.

Jenny Craig: Website Security & Safety

The website has good security.  Any credit card information is encrypted on line with the latest in SSL technology.  Personal information is not sold to other third party companies.  Members cannot talk directly to each other.  Some private information is stored in the retail office area if a member goes through this method of joining.  It is necessary to ask about how the local company stores this information.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that the company website is free of any malicious malware.

Jenny Craig: Pricing & Packages

Jenny Craig pricing various depending on your food choices and the plan you choose.  Generally there are three choices: a plan that allows you to lose so many pounds, a year membership and a "lifetime" membership.  The lowest membership runs from $20-40, the year plan is about $200 and the lifetime plan if about $400. The higher level memberships also offer discounts on Jenny Craig food.  If you join oInline the costs are a bit lower if you decide not to use a diet counselor.  In addition, there are food costs.  The food is sold by Jenny Craig and runs the average dieter around $100 to $150 per week.  This may be cheaper if you eat out a lot, but I can feed my family of four on this amount for a week.  Usually a week of food or so is given free at the beginning.  The food comes free dried or frozen and can be shipped to your home (a charge) or picked up with free shipping at a local office.  Plus, some fresh additions must be added to the food from the grocery store.

Jenny Craig: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping costs vary due to the amount of food ordered.  Some customers are able to pick up some items at the local retail location.  In general if you ship the whole thing to your home, you are looking at about $65 and up per month due to the weight of the food.  The company generally ships by UPS.  Since the food can spoil, it must be sent with two-day shipping which runs the cost up.

Jenny Craig: Payment Methods Accepted

For online registration, Jenny Craig accepts only credit cards.  Currently, the cards accepted are Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.  At the retail outlets, it is up to the center in question.  Some centers will accept cash and some types of checks as well as credit cards.  Any questions should be referred to customer service before payment.

Jenny Craig: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Many items sold by Jenny Craig are not refundable.  This includes some of the diet materials once opened, food and some membership fees.  Those fees that are refundable usually have a three day time-frame to cancel the membership.  To be refunded, it is important to follow the guidelines for cancellation.  This usually must be in writing to the company.  After three days, memberships are not refundable.  Any food that arrives damaged or unusable will be replaced by the company.

Jenny Craig: Product images & screenshots
Jenny Craig Coupons
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